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TRACDRONE is unmanned remotely controlled tractor. It can do any operation suitable for small tractor – from cutting grass or plowing snow to digging ditches.

TRACDRONE is ideal companion for forester or hunter. Or it can be your servant in summer house: guarding and working. Tractor can be operated over mobile device from anywhere from the world.

Train built for any surface

More modules – more power, more working time, more load capacity, better climbing.


Modules are connected by genius links that can act as muscles (hydraulic cylinders) and transport fluid as veins (power connections, signals, fuel and hydraulic oil).

Electric powered unit + empty unit:


Curb weight 2 modules (kg). Easy to transport with regular car trailer.


Maximum speed (km/h). Can be adjusted by wheel gear-ratios.


powertrain: Nominal power of electric engine (kW)


Working time: depending on weight for electric unit (h)

Gasoline powered unit + empty unit:


Curb weight 2 modules (kg). Easy to transport with regular car trailer.


Maximum speed (km/h). Can be adjusted by wheel gear-ratios.


powertrain: Nominal power of gasoline engine (kW)


Working time: igasoline-modules gas-tanks (h)

Quiet and safe

Tracdrone works by electric or gasoline engine that is connected with hydraulic pump. All wheels, turning and additional tools are based on hydraulics.

Technical setup is based on modules that can be linked using special central joint. Each additional linked module will add power, running time and functionality.


Wifi, 4G


2 cameras for image transmissions


Safety by leddars and cameras.


Limited area by GPS, GPS-based driving

Speed control

Control the speed of Tracdrone

Smart tools

Connect the tools remotely


  • Turning radius: 2,5 m
  • Lenght: 2500 mm (2 modules)
  • With: 1240 mm
  • Height: 1000 mm
  • Ground clearence: 380 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1500 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 760 mm

Hydrostatical powertrain, hydraulic connections for tools.


The Story of TRACDRONE

Everyone who has a yard has done some physical work. By working you might have thoughts of having a tractor. Anyone who actually has the tractor has imagined of self-driving tractor.

So the idea was poured to brilliant technical form – modular, hydraulic and electric powered small tractor. No “plastic curves”, no “future design”, no overthinking – plain and simple. Something that is made for work.

The technical vision was taken to reality – no big money for endless research and prototyping. The TRACDRONE is ready for production – largest remotely controlled vehicle you can get from market.

Founder, CEO

Founder, CTO

Lead engineer

Meelik Kiik

Lead software developer


Here You can notify us of Your interest for more information and subscribe to preorder the beast

TRACDRONE v1 will be on sale from April 2018. Pre-order your tractor now!

Tallinn & Tartu, Estonia

+372 564 72 644